Dr. Josef Pschorr – MPW Executive Search

Specialised in the food and beverage industry

Dr. Pschorr has been an executive recruitment consultant since 2002; he has been a member of the BDU e.V. (the federal association of German management consultants) since 2007, and a certified executive recruitment consultant CERC/BDU since April 2010. Jointly with two colleagues, he manages MPW Executive Search in Munich. Josef Pschorr originates from a Munich family of brewers, rich in tradition; he acquired his extensive knowledge of his sector of business, spanning more than 20 years, in marketing and sales for branded-goods companies such as Nestlé, and through his activity as an executive recruitment consultant.

His specialisation is sourcing and recruiting management personnel and subject-specialist personnel in the food and beverage industry; he provides consultancy to companies in recruiting personnel for posts which span the industry’s entire value-creation chain.

The clients and candidates of Josef Pschorr come from the circle of market leaders in the beer, soft drink, mineral water, juice and spirits sector, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as their suppliers and specialist distributors.


Strategic approach to executive recruitment consultancy

He advises his clients to implement their strategy by means of getting the right personnel. Against the background of the strategic, resource-based perspective on companies and on high-performers (an approach abbreviated in German as “RbV”), he only wishes to present people with specific, suitable gifts, talents and key competences; this is so that such people can make an important contribution to his client’s non-copiable strategic competitive advantage, within the context of their range of tasks and their function. Identifying these outstanding high-performers, discerning their “Candidate Unique Proposition“ and then winning them over onto the customer’s side, is a very substantial part of his work. He also advises customers with the objective that they jointly elaborate that company’s attractive, emotionally-engaging “Unique Employment Proposition“ (UEP) as a possible employer, oriented toward particular values.


Follow-up personnel consultancy for the parties involved

As executive recruitment consultant, he manages the whole process in the interests of the client, from the first contact made through to the signing of the contract of employment. In this process, he consistently pursues a systematically structured consultation process, which it is easy for both client and candidates to make sense of. As the objective is not solely to find top performers, but also to create a bond between them and the company over the long term, he also accompanies candidates appointed through him beyond the trial period, being at their side as a coach if important questions arise.


Dr. Pschorr has published a variety of articles on marketing and executive recruitment consultancy in specialist journals.


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