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Data Protection & Notices


Basic direction of the medium

The purpose of the website of pns group international (abbreviation: pns group) is to impart information about its group and its services and related information. This information does not constitute an offer in the legal sense.


Notice regarding application procedure & data protection

We prefer online applications or those sent by e-mail to:, with a maximum of five file enclosures, in Word, Open Office or PDF format; maximum file size: 7 MB. In the case of an online application, please ensure that it is sent in non-encrypted mode.


By submitting your application and the enclosed documents, you declare your consent to your application data being stored in an electronic data processing system of the pns group, in order for these data to be used for internal purposes. The application data are treated confidentially, in accordance with the valid provisions of data-protection law and, in coordination with you, they are sent only to our customers. You may revoke your consent at any time, either by e-mail or in writing, sending your message to one of the national addresses stated above.


Data security in the internet

The World Wide Web is a publicly accessible system. Each time that personal information is voluntarily released online, this is done at own’s own risk. Your data can get lost in the process of transfer or come into the hands of unauthorised individuals. In such cases, there is no liability on the part of pns group.



All due care was taken in producing the information on this website and it is updated on an ongoing basis. Nevertheless, pns group international assumes no liability for this information being correct, complete, or up-to-date.

Under no circumstances does pns group bear liability for any direct or indirect damages or consequential damages which arise as a consequence of the use of the information on the pns group website or through access via links onto other websites.

pns group assumes no liability for information, software or other material accessible via its website being free of viruses or of other harmful content.


Gender-specific references

For reasons of better legibility, gender-specific differentiation is not used. Corresponding terms – first and foremost in the description of the positions of employment offered – are valid for both sexes, in accordance with the principle of equal treatment.

At this juncture, we wish to inform you about the processing of data which are specific to individual persons via the function of the XING Share Button.

This internet page makes use of the “XING Share Button”. When calling up this internet page a connection is set up via your browser, for a short period, to servers of the company XING AG (“XING”), with which the “XING Share Button” functions (particularly the calculation / indication of the counter value) are provided. XING does not store any person-specific data of yours by means of the call-up of this internet page. In particular, XING does not store any IP addresses. In addition, no assessment is made of your usage behaviour via the use of cookies in connection with the “XING Share Button”. You can call off the respective current data-protection information relating to the “XING Share-Button”, as well as supplementary information, on this Internet page:


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