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pns group international represents the concentrated competence of executive-recruitment consultancy companies which are highly successful internationally.


Originating from the German-speaking countries, with offices in Frankfurt, Munich, Salzburg and Basel, we have acquired direct access to the markets of all parts of the globe, thanks to long-term successful cooperations and close partnerships, within a variety of networks. Whether what is required is a globally-leading executive-search alliance, such as MRINetwork, or a business-sector-specific consultancy network for the financial services sector, such as the FS Excellence Group, or the leading trade association BDU (Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater: Germany’s federal association of management consultants), what is always at the forefront for us in selecting our partners is quality, credibility and sustainability.


As part of this, it is important for our customers that we always maintain the “one-face-to-the-customer” principle. Irrespective of the country in which you require high-calibre executive-recruitment solutions, you always talk with your personal contact at pns group international, who personally plans, organises, controls and implements all the steps in the process for you. Throughout, you do not notice the big wheel that we are turning for you in the background – with the essential discretion, of course. You only get to see this in terms of the result that skilfully hits the target – in getting you the subject-area-specialist or management personality which you have been seeking.


The business-sector-specific competence centres of pns group international, via which we select high-calibre subject-specialist positions and management positions, both for the leading companies in the given sector and also for growth-oriented small-to-medium-sized companies, are as follows:



FS Excellence Group

The FS Excellence Group draws together executive-search know-how and experience from regions differing in terms of business and culture, as well as providing the efficient implementation of transnational projects for our customers in the financial-services sector.


CNS Career-Next-Step

CNS was called into being by pns group international as a career platform for high-performance professionals.


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