HCCM® AG was founded in 2001 by Charles Jean Quensel in Switzerland. As a leading executive search company, the winner of several international awards, HCCM® AG is the competence centre within pns group international for

Charles Jean Quensel and his team, with Quensel’s more than twenty years of management and leadership experience in marketing & sales, his successful period as chief executive in various European countries for leading global pharmaceutical companies, and with his very successful twelve-year experience in the recruiting of specialists, guarantee to find motivated high-performers within the required time frame.


“We create an added value”


HCCM® AG is a member of the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce, the Swiss Biotech Association, the Basel Chamber of Commerce, and Wirtschaftskammer Baselland (Basel state’s business chamber).

You will find fuller information on HCCM® AG at www.hccm.ch.


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