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Managing Director of Technology for a medium-sized brewery in Switzerland

Getränke- & Lebensmittelindustrie

As a recruiting firm (#headhunter) specialized in the beverage industry, we are supporting a widely known brewery with the filling of the position as

Managing Director of Technology (w/m) for a medium-sized brewery with outstanding beer quality and high standard of living in Switzerland

The appeal of this position:

The position is of particular interest to beer brewers with a passion for the product itself and high-quality manufacturing processes, who intend to operate as an entrepreneur with an outstanding background.

The MD’s duties come with the high expectation of continually improving the quality of beer. Their task is to lead the company long-term and successfully, in order to strengthen its position on the market.

The company and its direct environment:


  • Medium-sized brewery in Switzerland, which is able to compete with larger breweries due to the variety of beer, a high-quality production process and innovative brewing technologies
  • The offer of a unique flavor experience, combined with highest levels of quality allowed this brand to establish a leading market position
  • The business culture is shaped by an open and friendly atmosphere and respect for each single person
  • The owner employs a cooperative style of leadership and offers the manager necessary leeway, expects commitment to the job, as well as active reports on current projects
  • The team comprises 15 long-term employees of various backgrounds, who wish to be led as qualified and dedicated colleagues, in a participatory manner,
  • The company location distinguishes itself through economic strength and offers the manager and his family / partner high standards of living, in addition to many recreational activities

Noteworthy aspects of the position:


  • Complete responsibility for perfect beer and the required technical manufacturing process
  • Hands-on mentality and intuition, in order to draw the necessary conclusions for a perfect beer production
  • Planning, realization and control over all technical investments and maintenance
  • Development of new beer specialties using the best raw materials, which are purchased worldwide
  • Empathetic leadership of all employees
  • Good standing amongst the different contacts, including customers, authorities and on the procurement and sales markets
  • Responsibility for 15 employees, their continuous internal progression and offering motivation for the tasks at hand
  • Close cooperation with the owner and colleagues in an affiliated brewery

Your qualifications for this position:


  • Completed apprenticeship as a beverage engineer/technician with an emphasis on the brewing industry, a degree as a qualified brewmaster/head brewer, or a similar bachelor’s/master’s degree from a university, college, or for example Doemens
  • ‘Fanatical’ about beer of the highest quality, with professional experience stretching over several years in the manufacturing and bottling of beer, including craft beer in medium-sized breweries.
  • All-rounder in good standing, working as a technical expert who exercises his work with passion and enthusiasm, who possesses the skill to approach problems regarding beer quality proactively and with an open mind, in order to develop and conduct measures for continual improvement
  • Strong-willed personality with a keen perception, distinct conceptual and creative thinking skills, who is capable of leading and inspiring colleagues
  • Comprehensive experience and enjoyment in presenting self-developed concepts, including in French, in order to facilitate communication with colleagues or representatives from public authorities
  • Willingness to relocate family and place of residence in proximity to the company location.

Service package:


  • The position and associated responsibility provide an attractive salary.


If you are interested, please call Dr. Josef Pschorr (Partner Food & Beverage) to get more informations. 

Dr. Josef Pschorr


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